How Does Parcelive Work?

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Tracker Included

The customer receives a Parcelive tracker in time for their shipment. The tracker's screen is scanned, linking it to the order and placed inside of the parcel where it will stay for the duration of its trip.

parcel is live

Parcel is Live

The parcel is now self aware and will report back to the user on it’s location, condition and security in real time, no matter the country. The user will also be alerted to any events with the parcel such as it being dropped, opened, or exceeding a temperature range.

Tracker returned

Tracker Returned Via Freepost

The receiver then removes the tracker from the parcel and pushes a single button prompting the display of a return address. The tracker is then posted back without the need for a stamp or envelope. Just push and post. Easy!

The next generation of data as a service

Delivering the Truth at scale

We know that for those in the logistics industry the pain lies not in the tracking of individual parcels, but in gaining useful and profitable knowledge on a scale that reaps benefits across an entire supply chain. We also know that implementing any new technology into a network is extremely difficult, that’s why parcelive comes without the need for any additional infrastructure and very little systems integration. We define Truth At Scale in 3 different ways.

Offer live data as a service to your customers

At Hanhaa we offer ParceLive exclusively through Channel Partners. There are many benefits to becoming a Channel Partner of ParceLive including the creation of additional revenue streams without the need for any additional infrastructure. Click the link below to find our more about becoming a ParceLive Channel Partner.

Use cases

With a varied data set ParceLive has a wide range of use cases tracking today. Here are just a few:

Automotive Supply Chains

Cross Border Shipments

Pharmaceutical Logistics

Expensive Electronic Items

The Parcelive Tracker

ParceLive is a data driven service that is enabled by a post card sized tracker that contains an embedded sim and six embedded sensors that allow it to report back on the location, condition and security of your parcel. The tracker is equipped with an e-paper screen that allows for the display of a return address and a long lasting battery to ensure your parcel is sending data all the way until its destination.

The Parcelive tracker has fully customisable packaging and is re-branded after each use to the needs of the specific customer. Packaging of the tracker includes a pre paid postal license allowing for it to be returned for re-use without any additional charge to the receiver.

  • 6 embedded sensors
  • Embedded Hanhaa Mobile SIM
  • E-Paper display
  • Long lasting battery
  • Global returns license
  • Channel partner branded

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